Day 1: Hike 1 at the Bowl and Pitcher (Part 1)

Photo 1As I posted yesterday, I live in Spokane WA, which places me smack in the center of some pretty nice hiking trails! One of my favorite places to hike would be the Bowl and Pitcher. This hike is not very hard, nor does it change in elevation too much, but it does follow the river for a pretty fair distance. I love nothing more than the sound of the rushing water as I hike.

I climbed out of bed this morning at 7:15. Actually, if I am being honest, I rolled out of bed at that time. I was excited to get up and hike, but you all know the feeling of leaving your warm bed in the morning. No matter what you are getting up to do, that is one of the hardest decisions I have to make everyday…

Photo 2After forcing myself up, I jumped into the shower to wash away the drowsiness from my eyes and welcomed the warmth. After about ten minutes I had to make the another incredibly difficult choice to turn the water off and step back into the cold. Making that decision took up another five minutes, so at the 15 minute mark I was drying myself off.

I quickly ran back into my room and grabbed my hiking clothes that I had laid out the night before. I jumped into them, let my roommates dog out to go to the bathroom, and then walked out to my car, instantly regretting that I had not come out to let the car sit and warm up. But, it was too late now. I hopped into the coldness once more and headed off for my parents house.

Photo 3Normally, I probably would not drive to my parents house before a hike, but fortunately they live incredibly close to the Bowl and Pitcher. So I figured instead of paying the $10.00 parking fee, I would just park my car at their house, grab my pack, water bottle, and granola bars, and hike the 2.5 miles to the Bowl and Pitcher.

I set off down the street, pack over my shoulder, wool socks pulled up tight underneath my cargo shorts, and my hiking shoes tied tight. More than one person gave me a funny look as they drove by, most likely mistaking me for a homeless person. But I did not care. I was too busy enjoying my music, feeling the cold breeze whip through my luscious locks… Well, that last part is a lie. My hair is pretty dang short. But the music part was true.

Photo 4I passed a jogger on her way back into the neighborhood, and we waved and nodded to each other. I was surprised to see how old she appeared, but that sure did not seem to make a difference to her. She was probably 65+ years old just trucking right along like a champion! She was the only jogger I saw today though, which kind of surprised me.

When I reached the Bowl and Pitcher, I pulled out my phone to start taking pictures, and was upset with myself for not remembering to re-sign in to my fitness feature on my phone. About a week ago my phone decided that it did not want to take a charge anymore. I would plug in the phone, but even though the lightning bolt symbol appeared, the phone would still lose power.

Photo 6I used to work as a Technical Support for AT&T, so I tried everything in the book that could get it charging again. With my luck of course, it did nothing to make it work. Which left me with one option… Perform a hard reset on my phone. For those of you who are not familiar with a hard reset, it basically means I put my phone back to its original settings; the ones you have when you first set up the phone. Luckily there is a program called Samsung Kies that allowed me to fully back up my phone and save all my information. Thankfully, after the reset my phone began charging once more.

Since I had reset it though, my Fitness feature had never been turned back on, so when I looked down to see how many miles I had walked so far, I was dismayed to see that it merely said “Lets get Started!”

Photo 7No… I had already got started you stupid phone. Which meant that the trip from my house to the beginning of the trail had not recorded. It was a frustrating moment, but what could I do? I am just glad that I knew how far of a distance was so I at least mentally knew how far I had come and what my total distance would be upon returning home.

The first stop was a trail leading up to a giant rock that overlooks the river far below. For those of you who do not know me all to well, let me tell you I am not a huge fan of heights. It was an unfortunate trait that I inherited from my mother. But you can’t hike this trail and not head up to overlook everything! So there I was, standing pretty far up, overlooking the river and feeling the sun beat down on my face. The first thought that popped into my head is how I knew I could not think of any place I would rather be at that exact moment. Too many people do not get out and enjoy nature anymore!

After I took enough photos, I headed back down and made my way to the “Swinging Bridge” that extends crosses the river to the trails on the other side. I had always loved the feeling of walking across the bridge and feeling it bounce slightly underneath your feet. I was glad to see that the bridge still gave me that same feeling from so long ago. Photo 5



Part 2!


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