Working in Idaho… Instead of hiking…

Look at those hills in the background... wayyyy back there!
Look at those hills in the background… wayyyy back there!

I just finished working for the day for my grandpa up in Idaho. He owns numerous properties and is currently trying to sell them. However, since the market still is not on the up and up, he is having a hard time. So in the mean time he is going to be renting them out. Most of them already have tenants, but there is one house that needs repairs and maintenance before the man moves in on the 1st of March. That is where I come in.

I have spent the last week and a half working each day, painting and doing other odd jobs, but each time I look out the giant living room window, I see giant hills in the background. Hills that are begging to be hiked.

Then you take a step back and realize I am in a dark house painting... =(
Then you take a step back and realize I am in a dark house painting… =(

It is a very frustrating sight, knowing I am stuck inside working when I would much rather be outside, my pack on my back, full of my granola bars, and my water bottles in their holsters. Instead, my hands and pants are covered in paint. Not to mention I am wearing painting shoes instead of my hiking boots.

I did text one of my friends today that I have not seen in quite a while and asked him if he would be interested in picking up hiking. He said he was willing to give it a shot which is awesome! It is always nice being able to walk with your friends and catch up while surrounded by nature!

I also want to start saving up for a really nice camera that I can take with me on my hikes. I currently have my phone, which takes decent pictures, but not as nice as I would like them to be!


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