Decisions decisions…

My Original Plan…

If you are new to my blog, let me fill you in on a few things! Currently I am helping out my grandpa work on some of his rental properties in Idaho. It is an hour drive for me to get there from my house, so the trip is nothing major. My parents live about fifteen minutes away from me, practically a stones throw down the road. Which means I am fortunately able to leave my dog when I head up to help! 

My younger brother who is about to be a freshman in high school is an avid hockey player. This means that most weekends my parents are usually taking him on road trips for whatever tournament his team has entered into. This weekend the destination is Canada. They plan to be gone all weekend, so I had to stop working to drive back into town to take care of my dog, which does not bother me, it’s just the responsibilities of being a dog owner. Half the time he is as much work as a normal kid…

So naturally, I planned on grabbing my hiking boots early this morning and hitting the trails, but that all went down hill fast after last night! Getting back into town, I messaged a friend to see what she was doing and long story short, she ended up coming over and having a Harry Potter marathon. This lasted well after either of us intended it to, so around 4am I was finally crawling into bed to sleep. Naturally, I did not set my alarm to get up early for said hike. Instead I WILL be going to bed at a decent hour tonight and WILL be going on that hike tomorrow, which means to keep your eye out for the post with all the pictures!

But which to buy..?

Since I have once again picked up hiking/backpacking (still do not quite understand why I ever let it go) I have been looking around at the different gear and keeping a mental note of what gear I need to get. As of now, my main goal is to get:

  1. New Hiking Boots
  2. New Pack
  3. 1-2 Person Tent
  4. Actual hiking sleeping bag

I have checked REI’s website and have gone into the store, but I need some hikers input on what brands they recommend! It would be most appreciated!


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