Grandpa’s advice is always the best!

My grandpa is in the habit of sending emails out to every member in the family who regularly checks their emails because he loves giving advice. He has advice on many different aspects of life. My favorite would be on how to save money.

I recently told him all about blogging because I figured if he is giving all of this advice, why not send it out where people can see it? Why not let the whole world know how he became so successful. Advice is always free, why not latch onto it?

I just now finished helping him set up his blog and he does seem to be excited about it. (We posted two things already) so he seems pretty eager to get his opinion out there. I see him doing really well with this because he is not afraid to speak his opinion.

Check out his blog here, and make sure to like and follow it for some sound advice! You will not regret it!


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