Spontaneous little road trip ends in disaster…

Since my feet are killing me today and I was bleeding from a few different spots yesterday, I decided that my adventure for today would be taking a little road trip up to Sandpoint Idaho to see my grandma that I haven’t seen in over a year.
Upon arriving, I park in her drivewau, knock on the door, and of course with my luck she isn’t home. I guess I probably should have called forst, but I figured a surprise would be so much better!
So then I decide to call her number, no answer, goes straight to voice mail. I then try calling my aunts number, who also lives in Sandpoint and of course no answer there as well.
Looks like I will be taking the drive of shame back to my house. Sad day on my part!

Lesson #1: if you’re going to surprise someone with a visit that lives decently far away… don’t. Always call first.


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