That’s enough excitement for one day..

Working on an old house can prove to be challenging. Just when you think you’re starting to make a dent in all the work, you realize that two new things have popped up that need fixing.

For example, we arrive at the house and finish painting a room that sits in the back corner of the house. We allow the room time to dry, and then go to shut the door, only to realize said door does not latch. Instead, it slides back open. Upon taking a closer look, sure enough the door is now too low for the latch to securely fashion.

I don’t think much of it and fix the issue which means I had to remove the latch holder, take a chisel and smash the frame down a little further, rescrew in the holder and bravo! The door now shuts!

But remember, when I fix one problem, two more appear. Just to be safe I go c and check EVERY single door on this side of the house and not one of them shuts. The only answer to why this occurred is that the house settled a tad over the weekend. So of course I had to do the same process with all the doors (5 more of them) just to once again have the doors close.

Once that was complete, I was heading onto the roof to fix the gutters. I have always enjoyed climbing on roofs, mainly because my mother would always tell us not to do it. Kind of a rebellious thing I guess..

Anyways, I’m on the roof, fix the gutter, and am on my way back down when I notice that there is a hole in the roof. And this was not just any old small hole, it was a massive hole. I still have no idea how there hasn’t been any water damage from rain… well any visible damage that is.


I fix the hole about an hour later and as I’m walking to climb down, my foot hits a wet patch and my feet go flying out from under me. I start sliding down the metal roofing, frantically pressing my feet into the roof. Thankfully, about five inches from the end of the roof there are screws. My foot happened to catch on one of those and stop me from free falling off the edge.

As the title says.. that’s enough adventure for one day…


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