What to get first…?

There are three very important gear items that I need currently, but I do not know which one I should get first. Each one has its pros and cons, but deciding which one is the most important first has proven more difficult than I thought. So naturally I will be asking all of you for your opinion and will go with whatever you guys decide!

  1. HIKING BOOTS: My feet have not been handling too well in my current boots. I have had them for many years, and it looks as if I need to get a bigger size. I come home from hikes with my feet blistered and often times bleeding. The pain in my feet is not enough to turn me away from hiking with them, so if it does take a while to get the boots it is no problem!
  2. NEW PACK: My current pack does what it was designed to do, which is carry all of my supplies, the only downside (and really annoying one at that) is the fact that the pack constantly squeaks when hiking. I have had the pack ever since I was twelve, and over the years it decided it needed to be obnoxious.
  3. 2 PERSON TENT: The only tent I currently own is not even mine… It is my parents. To make matters worse, it is not a tent I can take on a hiking trip because it is one of those giant three bedroom tents. That is a little too big for me to be lugging around all the time. The downside of having no tent is that I am not able to do any overnight hikes until I do.

So this is my dilemma. I have sat here and tried thinking about which one is the most important one to get first, seeing as I have not won the lottery yet to be able to instantly buy all three. Your opinion on which one I should get first would be most appreciated!


7 thoughts on “What to get first…?”

  1. Probably hiking boots. If yours are causing you discomfort it’s probably best to. I heard it’s best to try on new ones in the afternoon as your feet get bigger through the day, as they warm up or something! I just bought a new pair of Meindl boots and am really happy with the fit so far! 🙂

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  2. Honestly, most hikers are wearing trail runners now. Boots are no longer the best option for hiking as strange as it seems. They are unnecessarily bulky, and heavy not to mention they take forever to dry out. I wear North Face trail runners with Goretex. After wearing hiking boots for 15 years I made the switch and will never go back to hiking boots. The only time they would be better is for the coldest months. They are way more comfortable than boots!


  3. Last Summer I went to REI and picked up some Merrel boots that were on clearance. I have walked through several inches of water without leaking and they have saved me from slipping and falling on wet rocks and wood planks more times then I can count.

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