The woods behind my grandparents house…

This blog post is one that has more meaning to me than most of my other posts. This is because this has everything to do with my childhood. I have a lot of great memories from these woods that I would love to share with all of you! Maybe get you thinking about some of your favorite childhood places!


The Golf Course
The Golf Course

During the summer time we would walk around the woods and watch the golfers play their sport. On more than a few occasions we may or may not have yelled out as they attempted to make a swing, making sure to stay hidden in the brush. I will not confirm or deny such actions, I am just saying there is a possibility of said activity. IF we did do that, we probably would of laughed hysterically when they attempted to locate exactly where the shout had come from. They WOULD have probably eyes the woods intensely for a few minutes, only to be angered further when their second swing would end in the same result.


A golf ball I just found for this blog. Survived the winter!
A golf ball I just found for this blog. Survived the winter!

If there is a golf course next to the woods, of course there are going to golf balls through out the woods. Ball after ball was lost to a miss swing that sent the ball too far to the left. Often times the golfers would attempt to find their lost golf balls, but with the woods being so thick, the would soon give up their search and settle for pulling out another ball from their bags. We were much smaller than the full grown adult golfers, and could fit into places between the brush that they had no possible chance of reaching. We would spend hours finding golfballs in the woods, throwing them into whatever container we could find. We would clean any mud from the balls, and then go out with our clubs and play when the real golfers had left for the day. I was always most excited when I found a colored ball, which was very uncommon.


20150224_165412My grandparents property has a small dirt road that makes a full loop around it. This allowed us to race on our dirt bikes around the loop. Grandpa would always come out and tell us we needed to not go so fast because the noise would anger the golfers. We would listen of course… briefly. But when my cousin or I started going faster, of course the other one did did the same to keep up, until once again we were racing around. Often times though, we would get bored of having to go slow around the woods so we would head off down the main road to hit some trails that were not quite right next to the golf course. I am sure the golfers could still hear them, but it would be slight. Plus they would have no way of getting to us!


Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to show of the tree forts because they have been either torn down or fell into shambles on their own accord over the years. We were never really that great at building the forts… When I say “Forts”, what I really mean is a couple of boards crudely nailed into the tree as high up as we dared go. This was our favorite place to sit and yell at golfers because for some reason they never were able to tell that our voices were coming from way above them. They would scan the trees below us and we would have to hold in our laughter to not give away our position.

Oh wait… I mean IF we did that to golfers, that is probably what would of happened… ๐Ÿ˜‰


7 thoughts on “The woods behind my grandparents house…”

  1. Such awesome memories! And I love the “neither confirm nor deny” attitude. Didn’t we all have a little bit of that mischief in us during childhood? I was wondering while I read your post if you are now a golfer? That would be ironic!

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      1. My grandparents had a tree in their front yard (right next to the road) that was split partway up the trunk, so you sit in the little “u” shape. Of course you could climb higher as well. And there were lots of leaves. It’s possible that as a child, I would sit in that tree and yell at passing motorists.

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