Your votes have been cast!

Thank you to everyone who gave their input on what item I should purchase first from my “What to get first…?” Article! The three options were new boots, a tent, and a new hiking backpack. Here are the results so far!

  1. Boots: 5 votes
  2. Tent: 1 vote
  3. Backpack: 0 votes

It looks as if new boots is probably the best choice here for me at this time! If so many of you agree on that part of it, it must be the correct answer! I will keep the voting open because I am still curious on what others think as well! Click the link above to find the voting box!

Also, I would like to thank everyone who gave me some insight on different items they personally like that have helped make their hiking adventures more comfortable and enjoyable! It is always nice to hear what works for other people that way I can make sure to weigh all of my options when purchasing the new product! Definitely want to get the most bang for my buck!


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