In need of some survival/adventure books!

Ever since I was younger my mother taught my siblings and I how important it is to read. When other kids were watching television before they went to bed, we would be reading. The deal was we could go to bed at 8pm, lights out, or we could stay up later reading.

Well… All little kids like staying up as late as possible, so we always chose to read. By the time I was in fourth grade I was reading at a college level and enjoyed reading any chance I could, not just right before bed. One of my favorite memories about reading was going into a reading class in 7th grade that was supposed to be geared towards getting us to WANT to read.

We were graded off of how many books we successfully finished reading and once completed, we had to write a paper about what was in the book and why we enjoyed it so much. I ended that class with a 147% because of how many books I went through. Which now leads me up to my current issue!


I went to Barnes and Noble the other day after I finished reading “Wild”-Cheryl Strayed, but when I asked the guy if they had any hiking books, he mistakingly thought I meant hiking guide books. Before I could clarify, he had already walked away. I was in a hurry and have not found the time to head back to the store.

Which is where all of you lovely folks come in!

I am currently reading “The Long Walk”-Slavomir Rawicz, but I am almost done with the book and have no other book in mind to start reading!

If you could recommend me some great books that you have enjoyed that deal with survival/hiking/adventure then I would be most grateful!


8 thoughts on “In need of some survival/adventure books!”

  1. I love ‘Alone’ by Admiral Byrd – not a hiking book, but about a man living alone in Antarctica for months taking observations and his survival there.

    I also REALLY loved ‘Into The Wild’ by Jon Krakauer….great book!

    Enjoy. ;0)

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