Off to a great start!

I was surprised, yet happy, when I woke up in an exceptionally great mood today. Don’t get me wrong, I am usually in a good mood, but this one is above and beyond! I’m not quite sure if it was partly a dream I was having, (which of course I can not recall what it was), or the fact that you all showed me immense love yesterday! Yesterday was by far my best day with my blog! It’s been quite a while since I have been that excited! Thank you to HarsH ReaLiTy for making that possible, and thanks to everyone who most likely clicked on his reblog of my article! If you have not already, check out his blog! It’s full of great articles!

Only three more days until Saturday… which means I will be able to head back into town and hit the trails! I cant decide if I want to head to the Bowl and Pitcher again (where my previous photos were taken) and head down a different path than my previous two hikes, or if I should head to a completely new location? Thoughts?

I also need to get more music onto my phone! Somehow, the songs I previously had on there have been acting up ever since I reset my phone. I used Samsung Kies to back up all my phone data, but when the songs were restored back onto the device, they now all have some weird clicking sound when they play. It throws the beat of the songs off like crazy!

What is your favorite song/music to listen to while on your hikes? My music is country, which surprises a lot of people because most people look at me and would never assume country. Yet country is practically all I listen to. I have nothing against other genres, and have no problem listening to them, it is just when the music controls are in my hand, country is what is heard! I have two favorite songs while hiking, each of them different from each other!


THE SWIMMING SONG”- LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III (plus you’ll get to look at his beautiful face… 😉 )


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