Quite a busy weekend planned!

I have been looking forward to heading back to my house for the weekend for a day or so now, but now I have plans that make the wait seem even longer! (Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my grandma and grandpa working up here, but I miss my home and my dog.

At first I was looking forward to heading home and relaxing, hanging out with my roommate and Brutus (my dog), and probably just watching Netflix and playing League of Legends.

Yet, now I find that I have plans (almost 100% guaranteed) for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


This Friday, I will be getting up early like usual, heading over to the house I am working on and put in a full days work. After I get off work, I will pack up my things and jump into the car. I will probably head straight to my parents house, visit with them and pet Brutus (who will be incredibly excited), and then head out to Post Falls. I have a friend who said she wants to see the Falls at night because she has never been. I have never been either, so I figured why not?! It would probably be an awesome sight!


Saturday the plan is to go on a day hike at the Bowl and Pitcher with a different friend. She says she has been meaning to get into hiking, but was never really able to find someone to go with. I have asked a few people, but no one has really stepped up to the plate to take the swing. This way we will each be winning by having another person to share the adventure with!


Sunday will include another hike! Except this time it will be in Coeur D’Alene Idaho, on trails I have never hiked on. ANOTHER friend said these trails are one of her favorite places to hike, and I have been meaning to head out there and take a little adventure on them. I asked her if she minded showing me around and she was more than happy to!

Weekend Total:

  1. 3 different friends
  2. 3 different adventures
  3. 3 different AWESOME memories.

I CAN’T WAIT! I will be sure to make a blog post after each one, as long as they do not fall through, complete with pictures and any fun events that occurred that day!

Until my next post, Happy Trails!


5 thoughts on “Quite a busy weekend planned!”

      1. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go to yoga in the morning. But it started snowing a few hours ago and the roads are very slick, so we may have to cancel class. So I’ll blog, prepare my yoga classes for next week and dream of warmer weather to hike in!


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