I convinced my grandpa to give blogging a shot! I love his memories and advice!

Georg's Words of Wisdom

Ref. my article about the left wing Hollywood , what I call freaks, I would like to have some of those in the position of a military person having served with the 1st. Infantry division in Viet Nam.

We went over in troop ships, 5 of them, each with 3,000 troops on board. Took 21 days, stopped one day in Guam to take on water. We were allowed one shower per week because of the lack of water. However food was good.

Went from the Ship to the shore in WW 2 LSTs, then by cargo plane and truck to our temporary base, north of Saigon right next to a highway. Helicopters flying all over the place.  Then the thought hit home, we are in a war zone.  Viet Cong would drive by on the highway, shooting into our camp at night. And also from the perimeter.

2nd night there…

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