My Hiking Adventure Update!

I woke up this morning and realized that yesterday was the first day that I did not make a post since my blog has been up and running. I guess I subconsciously gave you guys a break from me for at least one day.

Yesterday was not too eventful, which is unfortunate because I thought I had plans for last night, which of course fell through the cracks, but that’s life and you can’t dwell on things that are out of your control.

I got up early yesterday and went to work on the house again. It was a nice feeling getting all the painting done in the house, ending with a giant bathroom. This room, even though smaller than every other room in the house (except for the other bathroom) took the longest to complete. There were so many countertops that needed covering, mirrors that needed tape around the edging, and two sinks that could not have paint drip inside of them.

I had the idea to take a gallon of paint and just slosh it around inside the room until everything was painted, but for some reason my grandpa did not think that was such a great idea. I don’t know why… I put a lot of thought into that. So with my idea being shot down, the painting took quite a while, but it is all done and over with now.

Marking the Property Line

My grandpa is a very smart guy, who made choices when he was younger that allow him to live in the comfort that he does right now. He always told us to never buy anything you do not have the money in hand for (credit card). I still remember him saying this;

“While everyone else was off buying cars they couldn’t afford and televisions they didn’t need, I was buying land.”

Which definitely shows… because he owns a lot of land in Idaho. Just as an example, we spent some time marking out the property for his 49 lots. The house we are working on sits on one of those. I learned quite a few things about property lines which will be helpful down the road!

FUN FACT! In Idaho, if you let someone use part of your land and they put up a complete fence, if that fence stays up for seven years, they can contest it in court and that land could potentially become theirs. The reason all of this was explained to me is because my grandpa was letting the neighboring man use a big chunk of his property for horses, so one of my jobs is to break down part of the fence since it is fast approaching that seven year mark. Don’t worry, there are not anymore horses there!


My original plan was to get three hikes in this weekend, but that has quickly turned into one hike on Sunday. I am not too worried about it however, and look forward to spending the much needed time on the trail! Two years seems like a far off time for doing the Pacific Crest Trail, but I know that time will fly by and before I know it the long hike will be upon me.

I wish I could do the trail already… but patience is a virtue… I guess.


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