Happiness: A path and A destination

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The road to infinity

Steps to the sun

One of the central components of my blog was to try to humanize people, to make the already difficult circumstances of the world, more tolerable, and one of the central ways of doing that was to help people get outside of their egocentricity, because not only is there a benefit for yourself when you are less egocentric, but it is making life a lot easier for other people.

And when the more people do that, the better life becomes, that’s what is so ironic about egocentricity, it makes life miserable for everybody.
When you begin to get out of yourself, and actually start thinking about other people, if you get a critical mass of people doing that then you begin to create a paradise on Earth.
It is not the satisfaction of the self . That is the apparent. That is the illusion of happiness.
The real happiness is actually…

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