Best Hike Yet!!!

IMG_20150303_083706Sunday started out like any other day. I woke up, contemplated going back to sleep, argued with myself about the whole subject, and then decided to compromise. I didn’t get up, but I didn’t go back to sleep either.

As I was laying there trying to gather the strength to swing my legs over the edge of the bed, I received a Facebook message from my cousin. She had found me on Facebook a while back, and we had been communicating every so often. What you don’t know, is the last time I can remember seeing her was over 5 years ago. Which is sad because she lives 10 miles away.

My dad and her dad our brothers, that do not get along. Like, at all. So of course, we never got to see our cousins which is unfortunate because we had to pay for the mistakes of our parents. But, now that I am older and out of the house, I can do what I want. Don’t get the wrong idea, they never said we couldn’t see them, there was just never any family dinners or holidays together.

IMG_20150303_083614So she messages me asking if I had any plans for the day. My weekends are usually filled with sleep, League, sleep, food, sleep, and hiking. I had just finished doing the “sleep” portion of all of that, so I let her know I was planning on going on a hike soon… Once I finally got out of bed and ready, which may not be “soon” at all. Her response was letting me know that she loves being outdoors.

So I invited her along.

About 2 hours later we were hiking the trails and doing a lot of catching up. There is usually a lot to talk about when you have not seen each other in 5 years, and the time before that was probably around the same amount of time. Too be honest, I have probably seen my cousins a total of 6 times my entire life. Sad day for sure.

IMG_20150303_083502Anyways, we went to the Bowl and Pitcher and had a nice 8 mile hike. This time though, instead of crossing the bridge and going to the right like I usually do, we took a left. I have no idea why in all the times that I have been to the Bowl and Pitcher I have never taken that initial left turn. Usually, subconsciously, left is what I would decide on because of me being a lefty.

So we hiked, we laughed, we joked, we talked about family stuff, and just enjoyed each others company. Then she taught me two new words which I am going to start using from now on.

  1. Mosquato- (Muh-SQUAT-oh) which of course just means… mosquito. The little bloodsucker devil.
  2. Chee-huah-huah (Picture the military men/women yelling “HUAH!” and thats what it is. Which of course means chihuahua.

IMG_20150303_083354These had me rolling because they are so similar to the original words, but if you keep saying them, I guarantee you are going to begin using them instead of the original words. They just have that effect on you!

After the hike was over, I dropped her back off at her house and now we have plans to go hiking this Sunday as well. We have a lot of childhood memories to make up for, but it is never too late to start.

Thats my advice to you and what I want you to really pull from this post. If you have issues with a family member or have not seen them in a very long time, reach out to them. Better now than never. You may just end up having a great time!



Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the post! I will be posting another hike on Sunday after my cousin and I finish! This one will be a new trail!



4 thoughts on “Best Hike Yet!!!”

  1. Gorgeous pictures! So glad you got to spend such a wonderful day with your cousin. I loved the part about always choosing the left path. Which path we choose is often a subject in my posts. Follow your own path 🙂

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