The Lost Giant

I am still up working at my grandparents house until this Friday. I finished work around 3 today and arrived back at their house, plopped down on the couch, opened my book, and began reading. I had only been reading for a few minutes, when my grandpa came into the house announcing that there was a giant dog outside.

Well… his exact words were:

“Holy cow, there is a dog the size of a deer out there”

So naturally I shut the book and headed outside, wanting to see this dog for myself. I was dismayed by what I encountered however. This indeed was a dog. There was a collar and everything, but the dog has been clearly either starved, or lost for a very long time. Its ribs are incredibly noticeable.

The dog is a very tall Mastiff, but if any of you have ever seen a Mastiff, you are not supposed to be able to see their ribs. They are very large dogs, both in height and girth. It was sickening to see such a large animal be so skinny.

My grandma fed the dog some food which he scarfed down. We did not want to feed him too much, as to not make him sick. Then we fed him some more just a little while ago.

I wanted to also see how well trained he was, and was glad to see that he knew how to sit and lay down. Clearly someone put some time into training the dog. This is a tricky situation however because Mastiff’s are pretty expensive dogs, and if we put up posters, anyone could claim the dog just to make some money.

Tomorrow I will be going to check around town to see if any “Lost” posters have been put up anywhere. If it comes down to it, I may end up keeping the dog, though my grandparents seem to really enjoy the dog as well.


7 thoughts on “The Lost Giant”

  1. Hello! Saw you stopped by my site today and came over to say ‘Hi!’. So sorry to hear about the dog. We’re critteraholics at this house and seriously dislike this stuff. My recommendation to you is to take the dog to a local vet and have him scanned for an ID chip. They’re pretty common these days. We had a small dog show up here a year ago and it turned out the dog had just disappeared from its yard. 50 miles from us. They don’t know if someone stole him or he got out and someone just picked him up and took off. But his feet were in good shape and he was small, so you know he didn’t come all this way on his own. We figured he escaped from where ever he was and was trying to get home. People suck. The vet can also let the authorities know about the condition of the dog in case it is the owner who’s at fault for it’s lack of care.

    And did I miss how to get to your archives? (I’m technologically challenged.) I was curious as to what made you want to do this long hike.


    1. Hey thank you for stopping by! Yeah I took him to the local vet and unfortunately no chip. I gave them my name and number Just incase. After I went and picked up a big bag of dog food! At this point I am going to keep him unless someone comes forward. He is a giant sweetheart and surprisingly smart. Kept him in my aunts dog kennel when I went to work and he didn’t bark or whine at all which is awesome!


  2. It makes me so sad when things like this happen, but I’m glad you’re taking care of him. One of our Border Collies is a rescue and she was in a local pound for 3 months. She is the sweetest girl ever. Keep us posted!


    1. The owner showed up at my grandparents house while I was working and took the dog back. I’m not going to give up that easily though. It may be his dog, but I’m not happy at all with how skinny the dog is. I’m going over to his house tomorrow.

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