ambush patrol

Georg's Words of Wisdom

The experience of a  night ambush patrol in Viet Nam.  All units in Viet Nam, had a base camp.  The Viet Cong would come into the area and shoot into the camps at night, so they started day time patrols and night ambush patrols.  To start, I was the officer, only had about 10 men.  We test fired our weapons before leaving in the evening. We were told from intelligence that there wouldn’t be any friendlies in our area that we were to set up in.  So we were to shoot anyone that came along. Remember that we were setting up our ambush in the jungle, very thick terrain, along the intersection of 2 trails.  Of course, what goes thru your minds are what if it were a woman and a child came along , you can’t tell when it is almost pitch dark. Anyway, off we go in to…

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