This week, past + present +future


This week I have been working on one of my grandpas houses that he is renting out. So far, I have done a lot of painting, maintenance work, and endured the cold like a champion. My grandpa wanted to keep the heat off in the house to save money (he is huge on saving money any chance he gets) so we had the wood stove to keep us warm. The only issue with this, is when we finished work each day, the fire would eventually die out so that when we arrived the next morning it was once again incredibly uncomfortable. We would then start the fire again, and work while the house heated up. It always seemed like it became comfortable right when we were done for the day… πŸ˜‰


Well today is Friday. Today is the last day working on the house which is EXCITING. It is just going to be small things that need completing today such as vacuuming all the carpets, sweeping out the sawdust from the garage, and cleaning out all the tools. Cheers to an easy day of work!

After work I will be heading back into Spokane. I miss being home, but I miss my dog even more. It is always pretty funny to see how excited he becomes when I walk through my parents front door to pick him up. He usually gives a quick bark, and then kind of stands there stunned as if he is trying to make sure it is in fact me that walked through the door. Then without warning he starts freaking out. I really can not think of any other word for this. It seems as if his whole body shakes along with his tail. It is not a normal day unless he knocks at least one item over when I pick him up.

Once I get back to my house, I do not have anything planned. I most likely will be spending the night doing laundry and hanging out with my roommate while working on some homework! Exciting Friday night am I right?! But I have never been one of the people who HAS to go out on a Friday night or they feel as if life is ending. Those people kind of irritate me… πŸ˜‰


At this point I do not have anything planned for Saturday, but I will try and get a jump start on next weeks homework assignments. I really enjoy the feeling of being ahead. Sure as hell is better than feeling behind!

On Sunday I have another hike with my cousin which I am looking forward to! Last Sunday we went to the Bowl and Pitcher, but this week we are going to a trail that neither of us has been to which will be awesome! Bit longer of a drive this time, but definitely worth it!

ALSO, this is my last class in school before I get my new Macbook Pro which is so exciting! I have had my current one for many years, and I need a stronger one to run my Game Design programs for school. It is much needed..

I had a good laugh when I saw what my first assignment was for this current class… Build a professional blog… EASY! Because of all the love and support from you good people, I feel as if I know what I am doing and should have no problem with that! Hopefully that is not just hot air in my head. πŸ˜‰

Upcoming Blog Post

I really want to write a satire for my next blog post, but I do not want to be the one coming up with the topic. Comment below with what YOU think the topic should be on and I will be choosing one to do!

Thanks in Advance!



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