Sorry about the absence!

It has been forever since I have made a blog post it seems, which I am incredibly sorry about, not only for your sake, but mine as well. I have been incredibly busy working out of town with my grandpa, but then all of my spare time seems to be put into homework.

I have not been on a hike in over a few weeks which is also starting to become a problem. I was supposed to go hiking with a girl named Lesley, but due to unfortunate events, she bailed out and then I did not really have the desire to go.

I just got my new computer on thursday, which is INCREDIBLY exciting! This is a definite upgrade from my previous computer, which was most needed for school! Some of the programs I am required to use were a bit much for the computer to handle, but this new one has NO problems! (which is good, seeing as I spent over 3500 for it…)

Anyways, just wanted to say hello once more and to make a promise to write posts more frequently like I used to!

-Hunter C.


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