Im back, This time for good!

I have once again been absent from my blog for far to long, and promise to be writing as much as possible now! Though I have been away, this does not mean I have not been working towards my goal of hiking the PCT.

I was actually able to convince my friend R. to hike the trail with me and he is incredibly excited. We are going to be hitting up REI later today and plan on starting a Kickstarter here soon to try and help raise funds to make the trip happen sooner than later.

We both will be purchasing small journals and GoPro’s, so we can document the whole event and compile not only a documentary, but put our daily writing’s into a book.

I was excited to make this trip before, but now that I have a good friend of mine going as well, I really badly want to go as soon as possible! Stay tuned for more updates friends, and if this is your first time landing on my blog… welcome to the party!



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