I’m back! And It is Getting Close To Adventure TIME!


Sorry everyone for the long absence, definitely will not happen again. Will give you a little update on my life and my plans for the future. Hopefully this helps explain my time away from the blog.

I switched degrees in school about four months ago, and unfortunately, not all of my credits transferred over, which means more work and time will need to be put in than I originally planned, but the good news is I am completely pumped about my choice!

I was doing Game Design first, which was fun and all, but after getting further into the course, I realized that Game Design was not really my calling. After dragging my feet for a month or two, I finally said enough is enough, and switched into Entertainment Business with the plan of still going into the gaming industry, but this time on the business side of things, which will be more beneficial in the long run for me.

Eventually, I want to own my own Gaming Studio, and a background in business will help to make sure that the Game Studio succeeds!

Seeing as this is a blog about my hiking adventures (which have been seriously lacking through the winter) I should tell you more about my plans for that.

I already have a ton of hiking trips planned for this spring and summer season, and I cannot be more excited to share them with you. I am going to be hitting training hard over the next year and a half, because when I finally have that college degree in hand, I will be starting the Pacific Crest Trail the April after completion. I have a lot of saving to do and even more preparation, but I cannot wait for the day that I start the 2650 mile hike that will no doubt change my life.

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you!


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