Difficult Decision

So.. I am 24 years old and have made recently made a difficult decision, but one that will be incredibly beneficial. But I am still really conflicted on how I feel about it.

I probably should back up a little bit here and fill you in on the situation.

I have not lived in my mothers house in a very long time. Long enough to really enjoy my freedom. Don’t get me wrong, I really love my mom, but she is a school teacher, so being strict is in her blood.

With school, I am going to be having to be taking out some loans. Sucks, but that is the way it works.

Between rent, phone, utilities, car payment, various other small monthly payments, I have found it decently difficult to save money. It seems as if every time I get a little bit of money saved up, something in life happens which causes me to dig into my savings. (car alternator multiple times, etc)

When my lease is done on my house, I am planning on moving back into my moms house, and I know that sounds super lame, but she made me a really sweet deal. I’ll be paying her $300.00 a month, and she will hold onto said money. When I move back out, most likely when I am done with school, she will give the money back to be put towards my loan.

Along with being able to save money towards my schooling,  I will be saving close to $600 from what I currently pay, which means I can save even more money each month.

In return for not technically paying my mother rent, I will be helping out around the house with different duties, which I am glad to do.

So long story short, it is a bittersweet deal. I love the idea of saving money, but not excited to be that 24 year old that still lives at home. What are your thoughts on the situation? What would you do?

The biggest part for me is that I will be able to easily save money for the trip, new hiking gear, etc. It will be amazing to have a more money to put towards the trip. Now I need to just finish school…


2 thoughts on “Difficult Decision”

  1. Honestly man from experience, I lived at home until I was 25 saving money and paying my dads rent but there’s a thing called will and respect. You have the will to change and better your life and your mother sees it and the good in you, but you have the respect to feel almost saddened and upset about having to move home, don’t just don’t, family is supposed to be your crutch and help you and regardless of what other’s might say ignore them just do you and get your life straight and of course help your mom after all you only get one life live it to the fullest

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