Patreon for the Trip.

After much thought and research, I decided to join up with Patreon. I have never been one to ask for money, but I really enjoy how this offers rewards for supporting my trip and I!

I have so far come up with 5 different reward systems, that I think will be amazing between now and the end of my trip. If you have any idea or suggestions, please reach out in the comments and let me know.


My goals for today (luckily it is my day off) are:

  1. Switch over my Twitter account to be geared around the PCT trip
  2. Post another blog article (it’s a surprise!)
  3. Create the Snapchat account for my hikes
  4. Plan my next hike. (should be next week)
  5. Visit REI, seeing as I am in the market to be getting a new back soon. Need to start doing my hiking trips with a full size pack, with added weight to begin training my body for 2,650 miles.

Until later,

-Hunter C.



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