The OutBound Collective, If you do not have it, you are doing it wrong.

A friend of mine recently turned me on to this amazing app that any outdoor enthusiast should have! If you already have it, great! If not, quit wasting your time and go download it.

I’ll wait.


After you have signed up, you are able to choose from which activities best fit your interest.

  1. Hiking
  2. Photography
  3. Chillinthe-outbound-collectives-seal
  4. Camping
  5. Backpacking
  6. Swimming
  7. Running
  8. Fitness
  9. Rock Climbing
  10. Kayaking
  11. Snowshoeing
  12. Cycling
  13. Stand Up Paddle
  14. Skiing
  15. Surfing
  16. Snowboarding
  17. Canoeing

(Long list, but like I said you can pick which ones interest you.)

So the interests that I chose for myself were Hiking, Photography, Camping, and Backpacking.

Now the fun part begins! Scrolling down a little bit will show a section called ‘Everything Awesome Nearby’.

Editors are able to go into the app and add different postings on where incredible places are around you to fulfill your adventure needs. These will include a description of what you should expect from the area and a location on the map.

The details section has multiple descriptions that might help you determine if this is something for you. So for my hikes it shows:

  1. Skill (Beginner, Intermediate, etc)
  2. Season
  3. Activities
  4. Features (dog-friendly, easy parking, family-friendly, etc)
  5. Route Type (loop, etc)
  6. Mileage
  7. Elevation Gain


Others are able to go on, add comments, and rate the different postings, giving people unfamiliar with the locations info on what is in store, if the posting was confusing at all, or something they can look for while on the adventure.

There are four tabs across the bottom of screen.

  1. Adventures (the section we were in)
  2. Stories
  3. Notifications
  4. Profile

Much like blog posts, these stories give you a look into adventures that others have partaken in. Basically, you need to check this app out for yourself. Give it a shot, and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the app and if you have any new adventures that you have not heard of around you. It’s all about learning new areas and sharing yours with others.

Side Note: Good news, it seems as if the weather will be better around my parts of the world by my next days off which would be next Tuesday and Wednesday. This means I will be using The Outbound app to find a new hiking location that I have not done yet which means more pictures for all of you! Keep an eye out for it. 

Happy Hiking!

-Hunter C.



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