Two Tough Hunters

This will be my first post with the new category Memories Growing Up. I love writing about my hiking adventures, but I also have a lot of great memories growing up that I would love to share with the world. Prepare yourself!

Before I begin this first story, let me tell you a little bit about my cousin Jansen. He has always been the dare devil of the family. Riding bulls in the rodeos for starters. Even now, his job as a lineman is not your typical ‘climbing up the pole and fixing the lines’. Instead he dangles from a cable attached to a helicopter, where the pilot will fly him him within range.

Basically what I am trying to say is that my cousin is a bad ass.

But now lets get to the story. One where it does not make him and I look very bad ass at all. 😉

I am two years older than Jansen, but he always had more guts for adventure than I did. I was around 8 at the time which would have placed him at 6.

We were up at my grandparents house (well also my cousins house because they are neighbors up in Idaho, where the borders of their properties connect), adventuring through woods which we did all the time.

He had just recently received a new BB gun and man-oh-man did we feel like two hardcore hunters, walking through the woods and shooting at anything that moved. I can’t recall now if we hit any birds or anything, but we sure did kill a bunch of trees. Those BB’s are deadly if you don’t already know.

After hiking around for a while and peppering the foliage with ‘lead’ we went back to the house to have some lunch. Walking around being deadly is incredibly tiring.

As we were approaching my grandparents house, we heard rustling around in my grandpas shop garage. This was our chance. Now was our moment to shine!

We entered the shop stealthily, not wanting to spook our unsuspecting prey. It took us a good while to locate our target, which was up in the rafters a good 20′ above us. We spent a lot more time searching around on the ground than we needed to be sure. (it is definitely not because we suspected whatever it was could not be above us… It’s a strategy, okay?) 😉

Anyways, target was now located and it was time for it to meet its maker. A squirrel. It had chosen the wrong shop to enter.

Jansen aimed down the sites, and after waiting for it to stop its movement across the rafters, he pulled the trigger. Their was a deafening BANG! (not really) as the BB traveled at its whopping 420 fps.

With a dull thud, the BB found its mark and something fell down onto the ground behind the garbage can.

And then the squirrel bolted across the rafter and disappeared outside. We were baffled.

We had thought our blood lust had been satisfied, but the squirrel had vanished. For a second we completely forgot about the object that had fallen. We thought that maybe we had hit the squirrel and somehow it had survived our attack.

We were just about to leave the shop when we heard whimpering and tiny scratching on the cement floor. We gave each other confused looks and moved over to the spot where the object had fallen.

Jansen moved the garbage can aside and we both cringed at what we found. The ‘tough hunter’ charade immediately vanished and we both began crying. Instead of hitting the squirrel, we instead hit the baby squirrel that had been clinging to her back.

We weren’t prepared for something like that. Not even close.

Without thinking, I picked up the dying squirrel and we dashed as quickly as we could to his house. We were calling out and crying, so naturally my aunt came running out of the house, probably thinking one of us had accidentally shot the others eye out.

Instead, she was met by two young wanna be hunters, carrying a tiny animal that most likely had some form of rabies.

Luckily, the baby died not much later than that, which devastated us. We wanted to kill something, but not a baby. Never a baby squirrel.

So much for being two little badasses.


-Hunter C.


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