The Adventure Begins!

The name’s Hunter! I know right, the perfect name for someone who is outdoorsy and enjoys hiking! I wanted a place to be able to write about my hikes and share my adventure with all of you!

You may be wondering why the site is called “My Hiking Adventure” and not “My Hiking AdventureS”. Well not only was the latter one already taken, but I do not look at hiking as seperate adventures that you bounce around to. Each hike is part of one larger adventure.

My ultimate goal is to start the Pacific Crest Trail right after I graduate from college. I have a little over two and a half years, which gives me enough time to save up and prepare both mentally and physically. I hope you all will be here to share in that adventure with me! I will be keeping a log on that trip and will of course be taking a GoPro along!

Until then, let’s get to know each other better and share the parts of my adventure leading up to that massive 2650 mile hike!

 -Hunter C.



3 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins!”

  1. My friends and I have the same goal! We are working in getting in shape for it as well. In the Winter time our practice is a little slow. We have long hikes we are planning this Summer locally up here in the North West! I will follow your blog to see how your journey goes!


    1. Well I will be following yours as well! Sometime down the road maybe we could all even go on a group hike! I’m trying to get some of my friends involved as well!


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