First Hike of the Year. Bowl And Pitcher Adventure with the bro.

Last week, there was FINALLY a day that had decent weather on my day off. It just so happened that it was during my brothers Spring Break so he was able to go as well.

Trust me, I hate having Tuesday’s and Wednesdays off from work.. Especially when most of my friends and family have the actual weekend off, but what can you do?

I woke up that morning and opened my blinds and was met with sunshine pouring in. I grew excited at the prospect of getting out and putting one foot in front of the other on a trail. I had been waiting for weeks for a nice day on my days off. It had been tormenting me by pouring rain on my days off, and then my first day back to work would be sunshine.

I showered really fast and sent my brother a text message to see if he wanted to go on a hike. He agreed, and I set out.

The destination we were to hike that day was The Bowl & Pitcher. This hike is not difficult by any means, but it is one I grew up around so it is familiar.

My mom lives a few miles away from the trail head. So instead of paying the $30.00 for the parking pass, I instead drive over to her house and hike over from there. Which is awesome, because it also increases the length and duration of hiking around the Bowl & Pitcher.

Driving to the first hike of the year. 

My brother and I grabbed the packs off the wall. Both of them are Gregory (which we always thought was awesome because Gregory is my mothers maiden name.)

They had spent the entire winter season hanging seven feet off the ground in the garage, but that did not stop a frog from getting trapped in the bag. I always tip out the bags for a few minutes before using them for the first time each year.

You see, I am terrified of spiders, and if one were to climb out from my pack and onto me during a hike, I would probably just have a panic attack and fall over.

Luckily this year, there were no spiders that came tumbling out of the pack, but unfortunately the frog did not make it. He was all dried out and stiff as a board. He even did a little skip across the concrete in the garage.

After the packs were cleaned out, we loaded them up with different snack foods. These included fruit snacks, Wheat Thins, various types of granola bars, and Triscuits. We filled our water bottles, said good bye to the dog, and headed out.

It is a short little walk through the neighborhood and then opens up to Riverside State Park. I have many memories of the State Park from my childhood. We would head out there and build different forts, hit the bike jumps with a group of friends, and play Lord of the Rings of course.

My brother eating Wheat Thins at the edge of the Park and the neighborhood

IMG_0230From this point you have to walk along the side of the road for about half a mile until you get to the entrance of the hiking portion of The Bowl & Pitcher. When you get into the zone, the best thing to do is climb the stairs onto the over look point. From there, you can see the bridge you need to cross and the giant rocks that sit in the river. It’s a pretty impressive sight. IMG_0235

Water is much higher than normal this year!

When we crossed the bridge we took the upper portion of the trail. A lot of people work their way down the river, but we decided to head up river. We passed a few people, but overall there did not seem to be too many people out. At least not what I am used to seeing.

My brother and I talked about the PCT and what I planned on doing for the trip. Unfortunately, my brother is a sophomore in high school right now, which means by the time I leave for my PCT trip, he will still have a two months left of school, which will make it next to impossible for him to do the entire trail with me.

He did say that he would want to do a portion of it which would be awesome. The trip should take me anywhere between four and five months to complete, so he would at least be able to do half of it if he wanted to. IMG_0237IMG_0239IMG_0257I am hoping to get out and do another hike tomorrow, which means more pictures for all of you!



Preparing for the PCT!

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